Your Teeth and Halloween Candy

Your Teeth and Halloween Candy

Posted by ARDEN DENTAL CARE on Oct 16 2018, 10:14 AM

Your Teeth and Halloween Candy

For children, Halloween is a day of fun, excitement, and, of course, trick or treating! However, it is also a day when both children and adults consume copious amounts of candy. It's entertaining, but it's also a reason for concern because excessive sugar consumption causes tooth decay. It's important to understand how candy or chocolate might harm your teeth. Arden Dental Care in Sacramento, CA not only provides the greatest dental treatments for your unique needs, but also important guidance on how to maintain your teeth's health.

Teeth in a Natural Environment

The crown is the section of your teeth that is not covered by the gum. This area is protected by the toughest tissue in the human body, known as dental enamel. The enamel's strength is mostly derived from a crystalline substance known as calcium apatite. Mineral from the enamel migrates to the saliva under normal conditions, and mineral from the saliva migrates back to the tooth in a balanced two-way exchange.

Sugars Upset the Cart

When you eat something, very minute particles of it are left on your teeth. All humans contain large colonies of bacteria from various strains in their mouths. The majority of these are completely safe. However, as a result of inadequate dental care, dangerous bacteria begin to collect on the teeth. These bacteria instantly go to work, turning the sugars and starches in these particles into acid. That throws the cart off balance.

The Halloween Effect

The effect is more noticeable when the germs have more time to work, and Halloween events are ideal for them. These germs are the true winners of Halloween sweets. "Ghosts" and "goblins" consume and hand out candy. Eating a lot of candies and sugary drinks gives the germs the perfect opportunity to celebrate Halloween as well.

How to Avoid Cavities in Your Teeth During Halloween

Control the Snack Frequency 

According to research, the frequency of sugar intake, rather than the quantity, is more essential in triggering tooth decay. As a result, you should reduce your sugar intake. Snacks should be consumed no more than three or four times each day. As a result, the harmful bacteria will have less time to assault the teeth. 

Visit the Dentist 

Your next dental appointment should be soon after Halloween. Make sure to get rid of any lingering effects, whether from Halloween candy or something else.

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