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In recent years, Invisalign has turned out to be the go-to orthodontic appliance to treat a malocclusion. It is a removable orthodontic aligner that looks quite similar to a mouthguard. It is made from dental-grade plastic material that is transparent. This unique feature allows Invisalign to stay under disguise without being too apparent like dental braces. Along with this, Invisalign offers several other advantages, making it the most sought-after orthodontic solution.

Why should you choose Invisalign over dental braces?

  • Invisalign is entirely made from a biocompatible plastic material. Meaning, it blends in with the tissues of the mouth without causing any allergic reactions.
  • During the treatment period, the dentist can look into the progress of the movement of teeth using the software backing Invisalign. Also, during the initial diagnosis, the software helps to simulate the movement of the teeth.
  • Since the aligners do not contain any sharp corners, brackets, or wires, the chances of you sustaining oral injury due to them are next to none. However, this risk is higher in the case of braces.
  • Invisalign gently applies pressure on the teeth to move them to their orthodontically right positions. You will hardly experience any pain or discomfort during the treatment phase.
  • Whenever you have to eat food or brush your teeth, you can take off the aligners and get along with your activities. You will not have to stick to a particular diet that keeps sticky or hard foods away, as in the case of braces.
  • You will not have to visit the dentist’s practice for follow-up consultations frequently. A visit once every two weeks is sufficient.
  • Invisalign has blue color indicators on its sides that can be used to track its usage. This feature is especially helpful if you wish to keep an eye on your child to see if they are using the aligners as expected or not.

Treatment procedure

When you visit our dental practice for a consultation, our dentist will thoroughly diagnose your malocclusion to draw out a customized treatment plan. We will use a hand-held digital scanning tool to scan your teeth and extract their digital mold. The dentist will use them to fabricate the aligners. During the next visit, the dentist hands you the first set of aligners and takes you through their usage. You have to wear them for at least 22 hours a day, every day. You have to take them off while consuming food or brushing the teeth. Ensure no food particles or residue is left on the teeth before you put them on. Also, avoid chewing on the aligners and bringing them in contact with liquids of very high or low temperatures. The dentist will hand you a new set of aligners once every two weeks so that you can advance to the next stage of the treatment.

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