Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Sacramento, CA

Patients walk into our dental practice with multiple oral concerns, such as missing teeth, damaged or decayed teeth, gum diseases, discoloration, etc. In such cases, one or two dental procedures will not suffice to treat the patient and help them regain their smile. Hence, we suggest patients go for a full-mouth reconstruction.

What is Full mouth reconstruction?

Full-mouth reconstruction involves several dental treatment procedures that address all your oral concerns. In simpler terms, every aspect of your mouth will be looked into and treated so that you can get the best smile possible along with optimum oral health. Dr. Talluri is a highly experienced dentist, and along with her team, she ensures the best quality of dental treatment at her practice.

Treatment procedures involved

Fillings:  Composite tooth-colored fillings are the most widely used type of fillings. They are used to fill cavities and restore the contour and functionality of decayed teeth. Their appearance can be customized to a great extent so that they mimic the natural teeth.

Crowns:  Dental crowns are popularly known as caps as they are used to cap or cover a tooth in its entirety. They are used tor restore teeth that are damaged, cracked, chipped, excessively worn out, or too weak to sustain by themselves.

Bridges:  Dental bridges are replacement prosthetic teeth that are used to restore missing teeth. A bridge is a combination of a prosthetic tooth and crowns on either side. All the components are made from dental-grade ceramic and can be customized to perfectly blend in with the natural teeth.

Implants:  Dental implants are known to be the strongest and best replacement for natural teeth. An implant consists of a metal stud and a ceramic tooth-like prosthetic that replace both the tooth root and crown. This way, they restore both oral aesthetics and functionality along with maintaining the jawbone health.

Gum therapy:  Gum disease such as gingivitis and periodontitis can upset your oral health to a massive extent. They result in decayed gum tissues, deeper gum pockets, the release of pus, gum recession, bleeding gums, bad breath, loosening of the teeth from their sockets, etc. A gum therapy involves treating the gum tissues, removing the infected tissues, and replacing them with healthy tissues through a gum graft.

Teeth whitening:  The teeth tend to stain when you do not brush your teeth regularly, eat a lot of colored foods, or suffer from an oral condition such as root canal infection. They can be restored to their original color using teeth whitening using a gel rich in Hydrogen Peroxide.

Scaling and root planing:  Simply known as oral prophylaxis or teeth cleaning, scaling and root planing are means of removing the adhered tartar deposits from the teeth. This ensures a healthier mouth and reduces the risk of developing infections.

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