Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Spring

keep your teeth healthy this spring

Even though you wouldn’t know it with all this rain we’ve been having. Spring really is just around the corner. Just think, Easter will be here in a month and a half. So what is our game plan then for our teeth? Follow this plan and you’ll be sure to head in the right direction!

1.  Stay away from sticky foods – Avoids the taffys, caramels, and your favorite bubblegums. These are the worst offenders that ruin dental work.

 2.  Cut down on the sugar – As if the health benefits are motivating enough, sugar loves to wreak havoc in your mouth. It sticks to your teeth and causes tooth decay

 3.  Add a check up to this year’s spring cleaning list – It’s a good time to use that renewed insurance and get your teeth up to par for the next 6 months

 4.  Drink some Flouride – Try incorporating some tap water into your life. Your teeth will thank you for it!