5 Ways Sugar Effect Your Teeth

Everyone knows that sugar is bad for you. Everyone also knows that we all consume too much sugar. However, do we ever stop to think about how sugar effects our teeth? People seem to be more aware of food staining their teeth instead of the impacts of sugar when in reality, it’s sugar that will be speeding up tooth decay. Therefore, here are 5 oral health tips to think about when consuming your next frappucino.

  1. Eating Lots of Sugars Don’t Give Your Teeth A Chance To Repair Themselves

Your teeth are frequently under attack by acids, but the good news is this damage is constantly being reversed. Acids leech minerals from the enamel through a process called demineralization. Fortunately, the natural process of remineralization replaces those minerals and strengthens the teeth all over again – and your saliva is a key player. Saliva contains minerals such as calcium and phosphates to help repair the teeth. Fluoride is another mineral that helps repair weakened enamel. However, replacing lost minerals can only do so much to prevent the effects of sugar on teeth if you eat lots of sweets and starches throughout the day.

  1. Sugar Provides Energy for the Bad Bacteria in Your Mouth

Bacteria within the plaque use the sugar as energy and release acid as a waste product, which gradually dissolves the enamel in the teeth

  1. Sugary drinks are known as one of the most common dietary causes of tooth decay

Sugary drinks is one of the leading causes of cavities because they’re easy to consume on a regular basis. However, these drinks also contribute to a whole host of oral problems. Drinking these drinks cause bacteria in your mouth to produce a lot of acid as this bacteria eats away at the sugar, but when you’re having one drink after another, it doesn’t give your mouth a chance to wipe out the acid, causing your enamel to wear down.

  1. If diabetic, too much sugar can contribute to oral thrush

If you have untreated diabetes or the disease isn’t well-controlled, your saliva may contain large amounts of sugar, which encourages the growth of candida.

  1. Constant Snacking and Sipping Never Give Your Teeth A Break

The more often you eat sugars and other carbs, the more often acids get a chance to chip away at your choppers.


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