5 Ways Sugar Effect Your Teeth

5 Ways Sugar Effect Your Teeth

Posted by ARDEN DENTAL CARE on Feb 14 2017, 09:13 AM

5 Ways Sugar Effect Your Teeth

Sugar can be harmful to one's health. Yet many people consume far too much sugar. They appear to be more concerned about food coloring their teeth rather than how sugar accelerates tooth decay. 

Have you considered how sugar affects our teeth? Here are 5 dental health considerations to consider before ordering your next mocha frappuccino.

Consuming Too Much Sugar Overwhelms the Teeth’s Repair Processes

Acids assault your teeth regularly by eroding minerals from the enamel in a process known as demineralization. Fortunately, the natural process of remineralization restores those minerals and re-strengthens the teeth. And your saliva plays a crucial role in this process. 

Saliva contains nutrients like calcium and phosphates that aid in restoring the teeth’s structures. Another mineral that aids in the restoration of damaged enamel is fluoride. However, if you eat a lot of sweets and carbs throughout the day, restoring lost minerals can only do so much to prevent the effects of sugar on teeth.

Bad Bacteria Feeds on Sugar in Your Mouth

Plaque bacteria feed on sugar for energy and produce the acid that gradually erodes the enamel on the teeth.

Sugary Drinks Are One of the Most Widespread Causes of Tooth Decay

Because they are ingested regularly, sugary drinks are one of the primary causes of cavities. These beverages also contribute to a slew of oral health issues. Drinking these drinks causes bacteria in your mouth to produce a lot of acids as it feeds on the sugar. And when you have one drink after another, your mouth wouldn’t have a chance to wipe out the acid, causing your enamel to wear down.

Too Much Sugar Can Contribute to Oral Thrush in Diabetics

If you have untreated or not-well-controlled diabetes, your saliva may contain high levels of sugar, which promotes candida growth.

Constant Snacking and Drinking Doesn’t Allow Your Teeth to Rest

The more frequently you consume sweets and other carbohydrates, the more opportunities acids get to erode your teeth’s enamel.

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