What Endodontists Do for Patients

What Endodontists Do for Patients

Posted by ARDEN DENTAL CARE on Jan 28 2022, 02:33 AM

What Endodontists Do for Patients

Have you heard of endodontists? You might have come across the term while reading or discussing dental health. So, what is endodontics and what do endodontists do? Are they the same as dentists? We are here with the answers:

Who Is an Endodontist?

Endodontists are basically specialists whose main focus is on root canal treatment and diagnosing tooth pain. They have a minimum of two additional years’ training beyond dental school.  So, we can say that while all endodontists are dentists, not all dentists are endodontists.

What Do Endodontists Do?

Endodontics is a branch or specialty of dentistry concerned mainly with the tissues surrounding the root of a tooth. Being specialists in the field, they use specialized tools and equipment ranging from dental dams to 3-D imaging.

They provide these services for patients:

Root Canals

Endodontists have more experience and expertise in doing root canals than general dentists. They perform root canals in microscopic environments inside the teeth using advanced aids and technology. 

They also use dental dams in all root canal treatments which not only increases access to teeth but also prevents microbial contamination. 

Since they are specialized in severe tooth decay or infections, they have a higher success rate.

Remove Debris Using Nickel-Titanium Technology

Endodontists use NASA technology to navigate through root canal spaces and remove debris that is otherwise inaccessible during ordinary dental treatments. They also use ultrasonic instruments to properly irrigate canals.

Visual Imaging

Endodontists use 3D imaging to evaluate complex root anatomies and plan specific treatments. They can also filter and enhance images for better evaluation.

Pain Management

Endodontists are experts in managing pain during and after dental procedures. They are adept at prescribing numbing medications and can ensure a very comfortable and relieving experience.

Perform Surgeries

Endodontists deal with traumatic dental injuries and are equipped to perform dentoalveolar surgeries. These surgeries are done if the primary non-surgical dental procedures fail.

Saviors of Natural Teeth

Did you know that endodontists complete 25 root canal treatments a week? They specialize in restoring natural teeth that could not have been saved by ordinary dental procedures. Maybe that’s why they are dubbed as the “saviors of natural teeth.” 

Not all dental procedures require seeing an endodontist. Your dentist will refer you to an endodontist if necessary.

If you are looking for experts in endodontic procedures, look no further. Book an appointment at Arden Dental Care at 1832 Avondale Ave Ste 1, Sacramento, CA 95825. Or you can call us at (916) 481-2001.

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