Smiles are the Universal Language of Love

Smiles are the Universal Language of Love

Posted by ARDEN DENTAL CARE on Feb 13 2019, 11:20 PM

Smiles are the Universal Language of Love

A beautiful smile is one of the most powerful assets you have on your body. It’s actually known as the universal language of love. Let’s take a look at how a beautiful smile spreads love without borders!

1. A Smile is Contagious

When we see a smiling baby, what is our first response! We start smiling ourselves. It’s like a smile is contagious. If you give it to people, people will give back. In fact, a smile gives you superpowers! Try smiling in front of a depressed or unhappy person and see the magic! You can relieve many ailments with a sincere and welcoming smile.

2. A Smile Makes You Look Attractive

Research has shown that people who are happier and have a beautiful and welcoming smile appear more attractive. This is because people who smile often appear to be healthier and friendlier. So, the next time you want to impress someone, try smiling!

3. Smile and Say Goodbye to Stress

A smile actually helps you recover from stress; this has been proven through research conducted at the University of Kansas. According to this research, smiling tends to reduce heart rate and emotional pressure after a stressful situation, relaxes the muscles and reduces the anxiety. So, the next time you feel stressed standing in a long queue or when you’re stuck in a traffic jam, try smiling. It will really boost your spirits.

4. A Smile Makes a Good First Impression

We all know the importance of first impressions. If you meet someone who is angry or depressed, their state of mind when you met them will remain in your mind as the first impression, probably forever. This is NOT a nice first impression, certainly not for someone you would like to impress. Now imagine a situation where someone is smiling at you while you’re talking. How would you feel? Naturally, you will feel that he or she cares for me. This will also give you further encouragement to talk.

A smile is truly the unspoken language of love. It does not require any words or sounds for it is a simple expression. When it comes to loving someone, the best sign of affection or love you can offer is a warm and beautiful smile. So, if you want to enjoy a beautiful and fulfilling love life, then you need to develop a habit of smiling very often.

5. A Smile Changes Perceptions

Have you noticed that most people look serious, or even angry when they are not aware of their surroundings? So, when you see them, you might form the impression that they are not a very cheerful or happy person. But try talking to them. Most of them will start smiling as soon as you address them. Voila! Your perception about them has completely changed, from an angry person to a lovable and friendly one, and that too with just a smile!

Making your Smile More Effective

By now, we know that a smile has the power to change so many things. But, did you also know that the smile has to be attractive, charming and welcoming to be able to spread love and happiness. Yes, that’s true. While some people have a naturally charming and effective smile, others are not that lucky.

So, how can they get a more attractive and influential smile?

It’s simple, really. The answer to all cosmetic dental problems is a complete smile makeover. Whether you have stained or crooked teeth, or you need replacing your missing teeth for getting your smile back, a cosmetic dentist will take care of all your problems. Other than this, you just need to make sure that you keep smiling. That’s it. Your smile will do the magic itself.

Unlike enjoying an expensive meal or visiting your dream holiday destination for achieving happiness, a smile costs you nothing. Also, it takes fewer muscles to smile than frown. So, why not utilize the power of a smile and use it for spreading love and peace around you?

So, let’s take the first let’s start changing the world with our smiles! Let’s spread the love!

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