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Everybody wants a fresh, bright white smile. And most people will do anything to get one. Many use over the counter whitening products while others will go to dentistry offices, such as ours, and get them professionally whitened. But how does one prevent stains from getting on their teeth in the first place?

There actually some practices you can adopt to make your smile whiter and healthier. For example, certain foods can rev up your salivary glands and wash away extra food and debris. Kind of like a last-resort toothbrush. These foods include apples, celery, pears and carrots. So, next time you’re looking for a healthy snack. Grab one of these, your smile will thank you for it.

Furthermore, to avoid staining your teeth, adapting the habit of drinking through a straw for dark or sugary drinks is often a good idea and is quite frequently seen. Drinks that are included on this list are teas, sodas, coffee, and certain juices such as grape juice, cranberry juice, or wine. In other words, anything that can stain a white cotton T-Shirt can stain your teeth.

There are many practices that you can include in your daily life that will help protect your teeth. It’s easier to maintain a whiter smile than to have to undergo whitening. Therefore, just take care of your teeth by staying away from dark sugary foods, eat healthy oral friendly snacks, and maintain your regular dental visits.

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