Gentle Dental to Overcome Anxiety at the Dentist Office

Gentle Dental to Overcome Anxiety at the Dentist Office

Posted by ARDEN DENTAL CARE on Dec 16 2017, 09:49 AM

Gentle Dental to Overcome Anxiety at the Dentist Office

Do you suffer from dental phobia? You are not alone. Estimates say that about 5% to 8% of Americans avoid dental visits out of fear. Besides, almost 20% experience dental anxiety and visit the dentist only when it's completely necessary.

For patients who dread dental visits because of dental anxiety, 'gentle dentistry' can help.

Gentle Dentistry

Gentle dentistry includes practices that attempt to help patients with legitimate dental fear or anxiety. Gentle dentistry aims to give extra attention and care to those who need it to get through dental anxiety. 

The concept of gentle dentistry is gaining more popularity these days. Increasing numbers of dental practitioners have recognized the fact that how they treat their patients is equally important as their level of technical expertise. At Arden Dental Care, our dentist practices the gentle dentistry approach to help our patients have a relaxed and comfortable experience while they are in our dental office. Our dental team is equipped with knowledge about behavioral management techniques to treat patients with dental anxiety and help them relax.

What Should I Do To Protect My Oral Health If I Have Dental Phobia Or Anxiety?

If you suffer from dental anxiety, schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael Boyce at Arden Dental Care. We will understand your fears and address them during your consultation before starting the dental treatments. We want our patients to feel relaxed, at home and not afraid about any dental work when in our office. 

At Arden Dental Care, we utilize state-of-the-art dental technologies, advanced dental equipment, and technique to ensure accuracy and efficiency of treatment. We compassionately listen to our patients, understand their concerns, fears, and goals, and build a stronger patient-practice relationship so that they can feel at home while they are at our dental office.

For patients with severe dental phobia, we may provide safe sedation methods if needed, which cause zero to minimal discomfort. With conscious sedation, the patients stay awake during the treatment but relaxed and comfortable.

The Arden Dental Care dental team understands the common fears of our patients and helps overcome them. Our compassionate and caring staff pay special attention to the environment we provide for each patient to make their dental experience a relaxed and comfortable one. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael Boyce, call us today at 916-481-2001.

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