How Alcohol Affects Your Mouth

How Alcohol Affects Your Mouth

Posted by ARDEN DENTAL CARE on May 14 2017, 11:19 AM

How Alcohol Affects Your Mouth

A night out with friends, a glass of wine after a long day, drinking beer with the boys…it’s always nice to sit back with a cold beverage and relax. And lucky for us who are over 21 years old, we can do so. But when it comes to our oral hygiene is alcohol really doing us any favors? Well let’s find out:

Dries Out Your Mouth

Alcohol has a drying effect in your mouth. Even using mouthwashes with alcohol has this effect. And just to let you know, having a dry mouth isn’t a friend to oral health. Saliva is made to keep bad bacteria and microbes at bay. Therefore, if you have a dry mouth, it becomes a better breeding ground for these nasty invaders. Not a good scenario for your mouth.


Wine, like coffee, loves to stain your teeth. For the most part, the staining is temporary, but depending on things like acidity, will it determine how long the stain stays. So if you’re going for that glass of wine at a party, be sure to eat some food with it or chew some gum. This will bathe your teeth in saliva which will help fight off any unwanted stains and regulate your pH level.

Long Term Effects

As you well know, a large consumption of alcohol for large periods of time is no friend to the human body. It can even lead to oral cancer. In fact, if you are prone to combining alcohol with smoking, your oral cancer risk is six times greater than if you just smoked, or just drank. Scientists believe the effects of alcohol on the mouth enable cancer-causing agents in cigarette smoke greater access to our oral tissues resulting in a favorable environment for cancer to develop.

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