Dental Health Tips

Dental Health Tips in Sacramento, CA

Optimum oral hygiene helps to keep most oral infections and diseases at bay. Maintaining a pleasing smile and a healthy oral cavity would require a lifetime of care. Here are some tips that would help you hold your oral health at an optimal level and keep oral diseases away.

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Brush and floss twice a day: Brush your teeth as soon as you get out of bed as the mouth would be filled with microbial growth from the previous night. Also, brushing before going to bed is crucial in preventing excessive growth of microbes during sleep. Flossing helps to remove the adhered microbes and food residues between the teeth and is known to be quite effective in preventing cavities.

Use fluoride-rich toothpaste: Toothpaste with fluoride help to strengthen the teeth and keep them immune to cavities. They prevent the erosion of the enamel by the acidic discharges of the microbes.

Brush thoroughly: Brushing to and fro in straight lines could leave a lot of microbes in the grooves and at the intersection of the teeth. It is best to hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and brush in circles to remove the microbes effectively. It is advisable to brush for at least three minutes.

Limit acidic foods: Acidic foods and beverages cause demineralization of the teeth, where the essential minerals like calcium and fluoride would be washed away from the porous enamel. Limiting the consumption of such foods is vital to keep the teeth in good shape.

Reduce sugar consumption: Although the consumption of sugary foods isn’t harmful to your oral health, leaving sugary residues on the teeth is the actual culprit. The microbes in the mouth feed on it and could discharge toxins that cause cavities and gum diseases. Hence, it is best to limit the consumption of chocolates, candies, gummy bears, etc. and gargle the mouth with water after eating them.

Protect the teeth with a mouthguard: An athletic mouthguard is crucial if you participate in sports like soccer, rugby, hockey, basketball, wrestling, etc. It prevents damage to the teeth by equally distributing the forces.

Avoid misusing the teeth: Using the teeth to open bottle caps, tear open plastic bags, crack hard nuts, etc. can damage the enamel even though it is the hardest substance in the human body. Other than biting and chewing food, avoid other such activities.

Visit the dentist regularly: Routine dental consultations are required to keep a check on your oral health and treat oral conditions in the initial stages itself. When you visit us for a routine consultation, we will look into oral concerns such as tartar accumulation, cavities, gum diseases, dental restorations, orthodontics, etc.

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