Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies in Sacramento, CA

Dental emergencies may come as a shock and can have a significant adverse effect on your teeth and other oral tissues. Acting swift can be the difference between saving and losing a tooth, which is why getting immediate dental attention is essential in such instances. We are continuing to serve patients through the pandemic. Here are some of the most common dental emergencies and how they can ideally be dealt with.


An unexpected toothache could be caused due to cavities, damage to the teeth, root canal infection, etc. It can be quite excruciating, and many of us would let it be, assuming that it would subside by itself. It is essential you consult a dentist at the earliest to get the condition diagnosed and get suitable treatment. At home, you could gargle the mouth with warm water to get temporary relief from the condition. Do not use any medication yourself, as it can have adverse effects.

Broken tooth

A broken tooth would result due to a high impact force to the mouth, causing cracks, chipping, or a fractured tooth. The condition would be highly painful and could lead to severe bleeding. Gargle your mouth with warm water to remove germs and any pieces of the broken tooth. If you’re bleeding, place a piece of gauze near the wound to reduce it and facilitate the formation of a clot. While you rush to a dentist, you may also place a cold pack near the cheek to reduce pain and swelling.

Injured soft tissues

The soft tissues in the mouth could be injured when you sustain severe oral trauma, sports-related injuries, injury due to orthodontic appliances, etc. If left untreated, the condition can lead to severe pain and the risk of infection. When you visit the dentist, we will treat the wound effectively and suggest medication to enable optimum healing at the earliest.

Avulsed tooth

A completely knocked off tooth can be highly painful and put you in a state of shock. But, if you reach the dentist on time, the tooth can still be put back in place so that it can reattach to the surrounding tissues. Meanwhile, it is crucial to keep the tooth and the wound moist. Rinse the tooth with water holding only the tooth crown, and place it in a glass of milk as you bring it to the dentist.

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