How Does Sedation Create a Better Dental Experience?

How Does Sedation Create a Better Dental Experience?

Posted by ARDEN DENTAL CARE on Oct 11 2021, 10:48 PM

How Does Sedation Create a Better Dental Experience?

If you are a person who gets highly stressed about dental appointments, you may require sedation before initiating the dental procedure. Dental sedation instills a sense of relaxation in patients and helps them to remain calm through their dental treatments. It helps to avoid discomfort and pain caused by the procedures. At Arden Dental Care, our dentists suggest sedation for both adults and children. Provided below are the benefits of sedation dentistry that create a better dental experience. 

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Relief From Pain

Various dental procedures like wisdom tooth extraction can cause extreme pain to people. But when sedation is administered to the patient, the pain is completely removed. The effect of sedation helps to relax the patient. The brain cannot register the pain caused by the procedure because of this sedative effect. 

Relief From Anxiety

The patient may experience stress and can be anxious about the dental procedure. Thankfully, sedation helps to calm the fear completely. The option for sedation allows patients to move forward with their dental appointments with better confidence. 

Faster Dental Work

When the patient is on a sedative, they are completely relaxed. It helps to reduce movements that may disturb the process. The dentist can work more efficiently, which helps to complete the dental procedure faster. 

Rested Patient

Sedation enables the patient to rest through the dental procedure. Most patients do not remember anything that happens during the process. 

Accommodation of Special Needs

Sedation is appropriate for children with special needs. It helps to put them to sleep and the dentist can perform the treatment without any hindrances. 

Reduced Gag Reflex

Some patients may have gag reflexes during dental treatment.  These can hinder the treatment and can lead to damages, depending on the dental process.  Sedation paralyzes the gag reflex, which enables the dentists to perform the procedure without any obstacle. 

Consult the Dentist

Different types of sedation are used for various dental procedures, depending on an array of factors. An experienced dentist can choose an ideal type for the patient, considering the dental procedure. Sedation makes longer treatments seem shorter and enables the patient to visit the dentist without any hesitation. 

Arden Dental Care, situated in Sacramento, CA, is an equipped dentistry with expert dentists. Call us at (916) 481-2001 and book an appointment to know more about sedation dentistry and other dental services.

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