How Alcohol Affects Your Mouth

A night out with friends, a glass of wine after a long day, drinking beer with the boys…it’s always nice to sit back with a cold beverage and relax. And lucky for us who are over 21 years old, we can do so. But when it comes to our oral hygiene is alcohol really doing us any favors? Well let’s find out:

Dries Out Your Mouth
Alcohol has a drying effect in your mouth. Even using mouthwashes with alcohol has this effect. And just to let you know, having a dry mouth isn’t a friend to oral health. Saliva is made to keep bad bacteria and microbes at bay. Therefore, if you have a dry mouth, it becomes a better breeding ground for these nasty invaders. Not a good scenario for your mouth.

Wine, like coffee, loves to stain your teeth. For the most part, the staining is temporary, but depending on things like acidity, will it determine how long the stain stays. So if you’re going for that glass of wine at a party, be sure to eat some food with it or chew some gum. This will bathe your teeth in saliva which will help fight off any unwanted stains and regulate your pH level.

Long Term Effects
As you well know, large consumption of alcohol for large periods of time are no friend to the human body. It can even lead to oral cancer. In fact, if you are prone to combining alcohol with smoking, your oral cancer risk is six times greater than if you just smoked, or just drank. Scientists believe the effects of alcohol on the mouth enable cancer-causing agents in cigarette smoke greater access to our oral tissues resulting in a favorable environment for cancer to develop.

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5 Ways to Prevent Gum Disease

We all know that if we want to prevent gum disease we need to practice a solid oral care routine. You know, brush twice a day, floss, limit sugar intake, etc. However, let’s add some new methods to your oral health routine that can aid in preventing gum disease.

According to, Gingivitis and its advanced cousin, Periodontal disease, are silent offenders. Most often, you may not even know you should be concerned. After all, the serious problems take place beneath your gum line where you can’t see them. What’s worse is that a growing number of scientists believe that plaque and gum disease can also influence and exacerbate conditions like heart disease and stroke – certainly conditions we do not want to encourage by a lack of attention to good oral hygiene. So with no further ado, here are seven easy things you can do to help protect your mouth from gum disease.

1.       Eat a healthier diet

Your waistline will not only thank you for indulging in a diet full of lean meat, veggies, and dairy, your teeth will too! The calcium, phosphorous, minerals, and vitamins do wonders for tooth enamel and your gum line.

2.       Try an anti-microbial mouthwash

Try and find one without alcohol. Alcohol dries out your mouth. In other words, more saliva means better oral health.

3.       Try an electronic toothbrush

Find an electronic toothbrush labeled by the American Dental Association (ADA). They’re more effective than you think, and gives you an extra boost in those hard to get spots

4.       Get Braces

Did you know that having straight teeth aids in reducing tooth decay and gum disease? Having  straight teeth gets rid of any hideout spots where bacteria and plaque can grow and eliminates hard to reach spots when brushing.

5.       Quit Smoking

You probably already know this one, but we thought we’d remind you anyways

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Solutions For Missing Teeth

missing teeth

Suffering from missing teeth is a deeply unfortunate problem that all too many of us have to face in our lifetimes. In the past, options for helping to replace missing teeth in any form were pretty limited – thankfully that is no longer true today.

Restorative dentistry provides a number of different options that can help patients cope with missing teeth and other issues. At Arden Dental Care near Fair Oaks and Carmichael, CA, we offer a full range of modern restorative dentistry services using the top quality materials. Some of these restorative dentistry services include:

Dental bridges | If you are missing just a few teeth, a dental bridge can be a great option to help you get your smile back on track. A dental bridge is a special dental device which is designed to sit between two supporting teeth on either side and fill in the gap caused by the missing teeth in between. Our dental bridges are designed to look and feel like your natural teeth, as well as be functional and durable. Every dental bridge from Arden Dental Care in Sacramento is custom designed for the patient who requests treatment so that we can ensure you receive dental care that fits you.

Dentures | If you have lost most, or even all of your teeth dentures remain one of the very best options to help get your smile back. Our dentures are custom-made for our patients because we want to make sure that everyone who comes to Arden Dental Care receives the top quality dental care that they deserve. In fact, we now even offer implant supported dentures which can in many cases provide even better results than traditional dentures.

Dental Implant Restorations | A dental implant is the only way to permanently replace a missing tooth and acts a bit like a natural tooth root providing a secure place to anchor a crown or other device. At Arden Dental Care we are able to restore beautiful porcelain crowns or implant supported dentures to your dental implants, helping you to get back your smile.

We are proud to be able to offer these wonderful restorative dentistry services and even more all from the convenience of our Sacramento office. If you choose Arden Dental Care, our team in Sacramento will do their very best to make sure that each and every visit with us is a comfortable and pleasant experience further enhanced by top quality dental services.

Have questions about our restorative dentistry services? Contact us today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Boyce if you are in the area, from Fair Oaks to Carmichael, CA!

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Why Having a Smile on your Face Is Healthy for Your Spirit

smile spirit

We all know that maintaining a regular oral healthcare regime is important but did you know that having a healthy smile is good for your soul as well? When you have a bright, white, and straight smile it boosts your confidence. When you have confidence, it aids you in achievements that you never thought you could conquer. Studies show that a smile is in the top favorite attributes to make someone likeable. So we want to encourage all of you to show off your pearly whites.

In addition, have you ever heard that saying “fake it until you make it”? Well, there is some truth to that as well. Research says that if you fake a smile throughout the day even when you do not feel like it, it’ll help you get in a better mood. This is because smiling is contagious, and brings on the feel-good emotions that come with it. Therefore, if you’re having a lousy day, smile regardless.

Overall, a smile is definitely worth investing in because the way it’ll make you feel will be the best money you’ve ever spent. It not only gives you confidence, it can increase your mood. Having a smile on your face is truly healthy for your spirit.

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The Benefits of Having an Emergency Dental Practice

emergency dental care

Emergency dental care is convenient and there for you when a dental catastrophe strikes after office hours. Accidents do happen and we are proud to be here for you when disaster strikes. If you ever find yourself in severe discomfort, have a tooth knocked out, or have experience oral trauma, we invite you to come into our care and take advantage of our emergency dental services. Our goal is to restore your oral health back safely and efficiently with the utmost care and consideration.

When you suffer a dental emergency, you can expect same day appointments and even after hour appointments to ensure you are taken care of. However, if you feel that your emergency is life threatening or experience bleeding that doesn’t stop, contact 911 immediately or visit your nearest emergency room.

Some of the advantages of emergency dental care are:

          We can quickly resolve severe tooth pain

          You will not have to wait several days or weeks to get treated if you have a dental emergency

          If you suffer from a broken or damaged tooth, we can quickly address your dental concerns, and increase chances of saving the tooth

All in all, emergency dental care is a great option and we are proud to be here for you in case if an accident happens.

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Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Spring

keep your teeth healthy this spring

Even though you wouldn’t know it with all this rain we’ve been having. Spring really is just around the corner. Just think, Easter will be here in a month and a half. So what is our game plan then for our teeth? Follow this plan and you’ll be sure to head in the right direction!

1.       Stay away from sticky foods – Avoids the taffys, caramels, and your favorite bubblegums. These are the worst offenders that ruin dental work.

 2.       Cut down on the sugar – As if the health benefits are motivating enough, sugar loves to wreak havoc in your mouth. It sticks to your teeth and causes tooth decay

 3.       Add a check up to this year’s spring cleaning list – It’s a good time to use that renewed insurance and get your teeth up to par for the next 6 months

 4.       Drink some Flouride – Try incorporating some tap water into your life. Your teeth will thank you for it!

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Why So Many People Choose Invisalign

Invisalign sacramento

Known as the most advanced aligner system in the world, Invisalign has won the hearts of many. Unlike metal braces that are an eye sore, Invisalign has been straightening teeth for years. What’s so special about it you wonder? Well, let us tell you.

1.       It’s 50% faster than your average braces. With weekly aligner changes, you’re smile gets straighter even faster.  

2.       Invisalign’s special features are clinically proven to achieve 75% more predictable tooth movement 

3.       It’s more comfortable. Aligners for Invisalign are more comfortable, better fitting, and easier to put on and take off.  

4.       It works for unique cases. Proprietary features make Invisalign treatment effective for complex cases. With innovations like these, your doctor can move your teeth more precisely 

5.       It offers something special for teens. Invisalign clear aligners for teens contain compliance indicators that fade from blue to clear to help gauge wear time. 


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Crunchy Food for your Teeth. Is it worth it?

crunchy food for teeth

We are faced with numerous decisions every single day. From what to wear to which route to take to work. However, how often do you ever stop and think about the decisions you make for your teeth? So many people are striving to live a healthy life now days and only do the basics. They exercise on a regular basis, try to eat a balanced diet, go the doctors and get checkups. Where many people fall short is in the oral health department. Therefore, next time when planning your healthy diet or your on-the-go snacks, glance at this list to see if what you’re putting in your mouth is a hazard or a benefit.

The Good Guys

Fruits: Even though fruits like apples and pears are crunchy. They’re definitely a plus for oral hygiene. These crunchy organics actually scrape away plaque and fight off bacteria in your mouth. Almost like a natural toothbrush.

Raw Veggies: Crunchy veggies like carrots and celery are great producing saliva. When the mouth produces saliva, it becomes a defense mechanism against gum disease and other ailments. We vote a big YES for veggies.

The Bad Guys

Hard Candies: Hard Candies are one of the worst things you can put in your mouth. This is because they tend to stay in your mouth for a long time, giving sugar plenty of time to wear away enamel. Also, the sugar likes to stick to your teeth which causes decay.

Snack Foods: Foods like chips, crackers, and pretzels are horrible for your teeth. Once these snacks enter your mouth, it’s easy for them to get softened up and stick places. Then, the carbohydrates of these foods start to break down into sugar which causes cavities and other diseases.

All in all, when it comes to making a decision about your eating habits. Think about your teeth first!


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The Most Popular Method To Curb Dental Fear

dental fear

If going to the dentist makes you feel anxious or nervous, you’re not the only one. It is said that as many as thirty five million Americans alone suffer from some level of dental fear and anxiety when coming in for a dental visit.

If going to the dentist makes you nervous or anxious do not fret, we can help! At Arden Dental Care near Fair Oaks and Carmichael, CA, we offer sedation dentistry as a means for our more nervous patients to get the dental care they need, when they need it.

So, what is sedation dentistry exactly? Sedation dentistry is a type of dentistry that helps patients relax and feel comfortable during their treatment using a number of different sedation options. As a sedation dentist, Dr. Boyce is DOCS certified and specializes in oral conscious sedation, which he can use to help you be comfortable and calm so that you can get the care you need and desire.

Oral conscious sedation (also known as conscious sedation) is a form of sedation dentistry that is administered via a special sedative pill that helps the patient be relaxed and calm during treatment. As a sedation dentist, Dr. Boyce will provide oral conscious sedation that is catered to the patient that requests it. Our team will provide instructions for when to take the oral conscious sedation pill prior to your arrival.

During your treatment in Sacramento, you should feel relaxed, calm, and comfortable, enabling you to have the dental work you need or desire done effectively and safely. Once you are done with your visit, you will need a loved one to pick you up as it can take some time for the conscious sedation to wear off.

At Arden Dental Care we have seen what a difference being a sedation dentist can make. Many patients who would otherwise be too nervous or anxious to get care, can receive high quality care and feel relaxed, safe and calm. Sedation dentistry is a safe way to relieve your dental anxiety and get the dental care you need. Your medication and sedation level is closely monitored, along with your pulse, blood pressure and breathing throughout the procedure.

Have more questions for us about conscious sedation or sedation dentistry? Call us today to learn about the cosmetic and restorative dentistry services that sedation dentistry can benefit! Dr. Boyce and his team are eager to help everyone in the Sacramento area, including Fair Oaks and Carmichael, CA!

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4 Causes of Teeth Discoloration

teeth discoloration

Get Beautiful, White Teeth In Sacramento

One of the unfortunate realities of life is that as time goes on, our teeth can become stained or even discolored. There are a lot of reasons why teeth can change color as the years go by, many of them habitual or incidental. Some of the more common reasons are:

1.       Discoloration caused by tobacco use – Being a user of tobacco over time can cause your teeth to become stained and discolored, making your smile duller and less beautiful.

2.       Discoloration caused by fluorosis – Although not as common as teeth stained by tobacco, we do see patients who have stained teeth from fluorosis from time to time. Fluorosis essentially causes teeth to become stained due to overexposure to fluoride during tooth development.

3.       Discoloration caused by medications – Certain medications can cause teeth to change color and become stained/discolored over time.

4.       Discoloration caused by food and drink – This is by far the most common form of discoloration out there, discoloration caused by food/drink. There are a lot of common culprits for this type of staining, including coffee, tea, soda, fruit juice and more.

If you have ever wanted to whiten teeth because of stains or discoloration at Arden Dental Care near Fair Oaks and Carmichael, CA, we can help. We offer professional teeth whitening services that can help whiten teeth and make your smile beautiful again.

At Arden Dental Care in Sacramento, we offer Zoom whitening as our treatment to whiten teeth for our patients. Zoom whitening helps us provide effective professional teeth whitening, all from the convenience of our Sacramento office. With Zoom whitening in as little as one treatment, your teeth can become shades whiter and brighter.

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